Empress Njamah's Ex-Husband Called Out To Be Arrested


Actress Eve Esin has demanded the arrest of Empress Njamah's former fiancé, George "Baby Brother" Wade, who has been releasing her nudes on a Whatsapp group he set up.

Esin, who questioned the logic behind the nude video leaks, also questioned whether Empress was supposed to be wearing a skirt, suit, iro, and buba while in the relationship.

She further asked why people will claim they love others while they are only "scheming". Esin penned;

We should look for this man and bring him out!!!
Like I dont even get it. Been trying to understand all these! What's with the videos? Wrong on all levels. Should people no longer have relationships? Was she meant to be on a skirt suit or iro and buba in a relationship? How do you record private moments with a loved one? Yes, she assumed she was in a relationship and let her guards loose. How do you claim to date and love someone when your busy scheming? Mehn! It's a whole messed up situation. 
Let's tag whoever we can please.


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