'Pee Diddy' Trends After Yung Miami Revealed She Enjoys 'Golden Showers'


Rapper Yung Miami has set social media on fire with her latest confession on her podcast "Caresha Please".


On the latest episode of the podcast, Miami admitted to Trina that she has a sexual fetish. While playing Resha Roulette, she said she likes golden showers.


 At its most basic, the term “golden shower” also known as “urine play” or “water sports”, is slang for a sex act involving urine. It’s the act of peeing on or around your partner(s), or getting peed on yourself.


“It say take a shot if you like golden showers, I do,” Yung Miami said. “I had a golden shower, and I liked it. It’s fun,” she said. “You know when you’re drunk? They pee in your butt, pee in your p****, it depends. You can pee on me in the shower, pee on me once you’re c******, it just depends on how the night’s flowing.”

As for Trina, she said she never tried it but “she’s down to try new things.”


Following the confession, fans on Twitter immediately made the connection to her 'beau,' Sean “Diddy” Combs. An older version of his nickname, P. Diddy, was perfectly repurposed, and sure enough, “Pee Diddy” was trending on Twitter within hours of the episode’s premiere.


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