Shocking Moment Toddler Waves Loaded Handgun Around And Points It At Himself Then Pulls The Trigger | WATCH


A video shows the moment a diaper-clad toddler plays with a loaded handgun in an apartment building hallway before pointing it at himself and pulling the trigger.


Neighbours who saw the boy last Saturday called police, and authorities arrived to search the apartment where he lived with his father.

Cops found a 9mm Smith and Wesson pistol in the back of a desk drawer and the father was arrested.

Authorities said the father could be charged with child neglect.

Though the gun was loaded, thankfully, the boy was not harmed in the incident, as the bullets had not yet been chambered in the gun.


The boy was returned to his mother, with whom he lived with full time.

The incident took place in Beech Grove, Indiana, which is just outside of Indianapolis.


Watch the video below:

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