Woman Gives Birth To A Baby With Teeth

The birth of a baby with teeth has involved a medical mystery that astounded the doctors around and the new mother.

In a video which has gone rife on social media and garnered over 100k views as of the publication of this article, the woman who had freshly given birth was shocked to see her baby with teeth as well as the doctors and nurses who also expressed massive shock.

This might sound like a piece of good news but it is very rare for a newborn baby to have teeth at birth.

In the short clip, the woman and another lady who was recording her could be seen looking at the baby girl in amazement.

To confirm that their eyes were not playing tricks on them, the doctor and nurses in the labour room performed some medical examination on the baby to confirm the baby actually had teeth.

Netizens who are also surprised have trooped to the comment section to share their thoughts.

Some believe that the baby is reincarnated or some form of deity reason she came out ‘special’.

Others are also of the notion that the baby is suffering from a rare medical condition.

Watch the video below:

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