Side Chick Who Sued First Atlantic Bank CFO Opens Up Vacancy For A New Sugar Daddy


Deborah Seyram Adabalah, the lady who went viral two days ago for suing the CFO of First Atlantic Bank CFO has opened up that she’s ready to date again but this time, with specific conditions

Speaking in a self-made video, Deborah revealed that she’s sick and tired of being in a relationship with a man who offers only sex in the relationship because such affairs are boring.

As stated by Debby, men should do better aside from offering only sex and money in relationships because there must be some intellectual discourse during the affair for enlightenment.

She lamented over the fact that all her previous affairs have been money and sex with nothing about intellectualism and she’s very tired of such affairs.

She advised her fellow women to learn from her and go in for men who offer money, good sex and wisdom.

Watch the video below:

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