“We Don’t Like Men With Small Manhoods” : SHS Girls States


A group of SHS girls have gone viral on social media with their short video describing their ideal type of men.

According to these girls who are between 13-15 years, they’ll never go into a romantic affair with a man with a small manhood.

They also added that men with premature ejaculation shouldn’t get near them because they like to be hammered for long hours in bed.

Aside from the aforementioned specifications, broke guys were also not spared as they firmly stated their loathe for them.

This video has raised massive eyebrows on social media because many netzines never expected such comments from girls who don’t even know their way around thier emsntauration cycle.

While some are blaming parents for poorly raising the kids of this generation, others have also opined that our poor education is the cause of the current rot in kids.

Watch the video below:

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