13 Side Chick Rules You Must Know To Avoid Drama And Scandals


If you are in an intimate relationship with a man – or thinking about it – you need to know the side chick rules. And you also need to know the consequences, too.

In recent times, there’s been a slew of unspeakable reports about men with side chicks, and the end results are sometimes unpalatable.

What is a side chick?

A woman who is dating a guy with the full knowledge that the guy is already dating or married to another woman is known as a side chick. So very simply, she’s the girl that’s one half of an affair.

However, being a side chick isn’t easy, and it comes with side chick rules. It isn’t all gifts and sex and exciting escapades, though those are often part of the deal.

There’s more to being the woman that a guy is having an affair with, and this is when all the drama, heartache, and scandal come in. 

o enjoy your affair without getting your hair pulled out by the main chick, let’s take a look at the rules you need to follow if you want to have a happy affair with a guy.

The golden side chick rules you must know and follow

1. Don’t fall

Most side chicks stay side chicks. Falling in love with your man will only ruin the very foundation of the relationship, which is basically built on no-strings-attached, casual sex. Or, at most, a friends with benefits kind of setup.

Catching feelings will just bring in more expectations and more complications that your man just doesn’t want.

2. Know where you stand

Being a side chick means keeping your expectations in check. Your man will not be there if you have PMS and just watched Titanic for the 1000th time and need a shoulder to cry on.

He will not be there for Valentine’s dates, Christmas dinner, or Thanksgiving. You won’t have him dressed as your Prince Charming on Halloween, either. He’ll be there for you only when he’s not needed elsewhere.

3. Be undercover

If you like spy thrillers, then this is your chance to be a real-life spy. Being a side chick means that you have to keep things on the down-low. You have to be a ninja, be under the radar, and communicate and meet up with your man without anyone else knowing.

4. Cut to the chase

Part of the side chick rules includes understanding that you’re not going to be courted. You’re not your man’s girlfriend or even wife, so cut to the chase.

Being a side chick means one thing: getting in bed and having a good time. There’s no time to play hard-to-get, so this means either you give your man some lovin’ or you’re out.

5. Know the risks

This isn’t just about you or about you and him. It’s about you, him, and his main chick. Being a side chick, you should know what’s in store and what’s at risk.

You could potentially ruin a relationship or even a family—that is, if you get caught. With this in mind, you should always be careful and think about your every move.

6. Never stalk

Technology can give you plenty of means to stalk your man or even his main chick. While this is fairly easy, never do it. First of all, it’s pointless. Secondly, you might end up with a restraining order.

If your man doesn’t want you to know where he is, it’s probably for the best. And if he wants you to know what he’s up to, he will definitely let you know.

7. And never talk

Never, ever admit to anything. Let your man handle the heat if things ever get messy. As a rule, side chicks shouldn’t talk about being a side chick to just anyone.

You shouldn’t talk about your man, your man’s main chick, or anything that will implicate you in the end. After all, what you’re doing isn’t the thing you want to be broadcasted, anyway.

8. Stay away

Stay away from the main chick. If you see her frequenting a coffee shop with her girlfriends, don’t invite trouble by showing up there, too. In fact, keep your distance. Absolutely do nothing that will let the main chick link you to your man.

If you see them together in public, don’t even look their way. If your man follows you on Instagram or Twitter, don’t let him. Block him. Do yourself a favor and keep your distance.

9. Never leave evidence

No matter where the two of you might have been, be sure not to leave anything that the main chick will trace back to you.

Just one cryptic or even harmless-looking text is enough for a hunger call to your man. Furthermore, don’t leave anything in his car, no lipstick marks, no perfumes, not even a strand of hair.

If the main chick finds even a speck of chipped nail polish that isn’t her shade, then it’s over.

10. Know your social media etiquette

In today’s day and age, many of these side chick rules will involve social media. Remember, no selfies with the guy, not even with his hand or his tie.

Don’t tag him on Facebook, and better yet, don’t follow him on any platform. Know just what to do when you’re online, and please, no fake accounts just to stalk him, either.

11. Learn to go with the flow

Being a side chick, you should be prepared for lots of changes in your plans. If he said that he wanted to take you out to dinner tonight and you even bought a new dress just for the occasion, but then he suddenly cancels, don’t take it personally. Don’t make a big fuss out of it.

Often, it’s the spur-of-the-moment escapes that your man may be able to do to get to you, so understand this instead of bickering about the promises that he can’t keep *duh!*.

12. The main chick is never your concern

Don’t expect your man to come to you and talk about his troubles with his wife or girlfriend. You are not his shrink, and you are not his friend. Most of all, one of the important side chick rules is to remember that it is none of your business.

In the same vein, don’t ask about his main chick, or even mention her name in a conversation. The reason for this is because if you get too involved, your conscience might get the best of you.

13. Never get caught

Any side chick can be great in bed, but only a great side chick will not get caught. Know your escape plans if ever things get rough. This means that you shouldn’t let your guard down, whether or not you’re with your man.

And if on the off-chance that you ever do get caught – which, again, should never be in the equation in the first place – at least don’t get caught on your knees or with your pants down, if you know what we mean.

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