Lady Cries Over Failed Nose Surgery


Some people will never learn from the predicament of others and it serves them right with the troubles they land into.

A pretty Nigerian lady has shared her failed nose surgery story and warned people against it in the process.

The young lady took Tiktok to disclose how she got her nose surgery in Lagos but it went wrong.

In the heartbreaking video, she cried out for help and lamented that she is in great pain.

According to the lady, it was her boyfriend that made her go under the knife as he had threatened to break up with her if she refused because she had a flat nose and he wanted her to have a pointed one like Michael Jackson.

The video has since generated massive reactions as many mocked her for undergoing such surgery all in the name of beauty.

They thronged to the comment section to blast her for refusing to think and allowing her boyfriend to decide for her.

Meanwhile, she’s the only one bearing the consequences at the moment.

Watch the video below :

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