Actress Pamela Anderson Reveals She Had Non-Stop Sex With Ex Tommy Lee And Spent A 'Frisky' Night With Julian Assange


Pamela Anderson has revealed she enjoyed non-stop sex with her ex-husband Tommy Lee and had 'frisky' nights with Julian Assange.


The actress, 55, has penned a bombshell memoir reflecting on her turbulent life in the spotlight, as well as disclosing that her steamiest experience came while dancing with an 80-year-old.

In the book, Pamela shared that the gentle and firm way she danced the tango with the old man was the most 'sensual experience she'd ever had.'

She added the encounter took place during a trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina when she was in her 20s, and the feeling of being led by a 'true man' was 'something she'd never felt'. 'It changed me, and I've never forgotten it,' Pamela wrote.

Pamela has penned a candid new memoir titled Love, Pamela, which was released on Tuesday, with the star insisting she wrote every word herself, instead of enlisting the help of a ghostwriter.

In the book, she also detailed how horrific sexual abuse she suffered as a child warped her perception of relationships in later life. She explains that following her abuse, she was led to assume that she must be in love with someone if she wished to have sex with them, sparking her rushed marriages.

Pamela wed Motley Crew rocker Tommy in 1995, four days after they first met. They went onto have two sons before divorcing in 1998.

She married Kid Rock in 2006, but split four months later, and tied the knot with Rick Salamon twice in 2007 and 2014.

In 2020 she wed producer Jon Peters, but their marriage lasted less than two weeks, and in December of that year she tied the knot with Dan Hayhurst, but their union ended a year later.

Pamela admitted that her first marriage to Tommy was the only time she had ever truly been in love, confessing they spent hours together in the bedroom after they first married.

Even when she was hospitalised with a burst ovarian cyst, Pamela and Tommy made love while she was hooked up to a drip.

The pair's marriage was rocked by an infamous sex tape of herself and Tommy that was leaked online in 1995.

Some of the ugly details of her marriage to Tommy, including his alleged domestic abuse and his jealous rages was also revealed in The memoir.

She describes in her memoir one incident in which her husband became violent after she had to film an intimate scene with her Baywatch costar David Chokachi, according to The Guardian.

'Tommy was so jealous. I thought that's what love is. I had to kiss David Chokachi but I didn't tell Tommy,' she shared. 'He lost it. He trashed my trailer on the set, put his fist through a cabinet.'

She added: 'I apologised for not telling him ? lying, as he put it ? and told him it wouldn't happen again.

Pamela and Tommy's marriage eventually crashed, and they split after three years of marriage,

In another embarrassing incident, the drummer allegedly crashed his car into a makeup trailer on set.

She wrote that Tommy, with whom she shares sons Brandon, 26, and Dylan, 25 ? would visit nearly every day to have time with his wife.

In her book, Pamela goes into detail about her friendship with Wikileaks found Julian Assange, who is now in Belmarsh prison fighting extradition to the US.

During his seven-year asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy, Pamela was a regular visitor to Julian, and she goes into detail about one particular evening their spent together.

Sharing a bottle of the Mexican spirit mezcal at the embassy, she wrote they had 'a slightly frisky, fun, alcohol-induced night together,' without sharing any further details.

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