Bibi Bright Breaks Silence On Reports Of Cheating On Her Husband

Just about a week ago, anonymous IG blogger, Tutugyaguu caused Bibu Bright of cheating on her husband with a certain old white man and given birth for him in the process.

As alleged by Tutugyaguu on her notorious IG page, Bibi Bright’s cheating galore was exposed after she gave birth to a half-caste baby despite her and her hubby being pure black.

According to details shared by blogger Tutugyguu on Instagram, the infidelity of both Bibi and her husband who got married in July 2018 has been top-notch.

Sometime in July 2020, Bibi reportedly caught her husband in bed with another actress, which they later denied ever happening.

Tutugyaguu went ahead to add that the families of the couple have met to solve the issue but they could not reach a conclusion as Bibi’s husband denied being responsible for the half-caste baby and continued to question her about its real father.

She concluded her now-refuted claims by emphasizing that Bibi was under too much pressure, moved back to her father’s house and eventually travelled out of the country.

Bibi Bright has finally reacted to the list peddled against her in the media by Tutugyaguu and according to her, she has not given birth to any half-caste boy.

As clarified by her, she has only three biological children and they are all girls with no boy as reported by Tutugyaguu.

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