Disgusting: GH Guy Drugs Male Friend Who Visited Him And Gay Rapes Him

A disgusting video tells the unfortunate story of a Ghanaian guy drugging his male friend and gay raping him afterwards.

The unknown perpetrator of the distasteful act invited his naive male friend over to his place with the usual intention of “vibing” with him.

With an ulterior motive, this guy went on to offer his friend a drink that had been laced with drugs to get him intoxicated and blow him out, rendering him totally unconscious.

Without any knowledge of his friend’s plan, the victim took the drink and later lay on some furniture.

No sooner had he consumed half of the contents of the glass than he went completely unconscious.

The perpetrator then performed cunnilingus, or oral sex, on his unconscious friend, published his anal section, and slept with him without his knowledge.

The video that has been making the rounds on Snapchat has left a sour taste in the mouths of many who have seen it. Since their faces did not show, one cannot point out who the victim and the perpetrator were.

The video could not be uploaded here. You can watch it in our Telegram Group HERE.

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