Drake Considering Leaving The Rap Game


The rapper seemingly teased his retirement during an interview with his “best friend” Lil Yachty for the latter’s FUTUREMOOD sunglasses company.

“I think I’m at the point now where I just wanna, like, I feel like maybe we talked about this the other day, but I feel like I’m kind of introducing the concept in my mind of a graceful exit,” Drake tells Yachty during their “Moody Conversation.”

While his comments about a “graceful exit” suggest retirement, it’s hard to make out the full context as Yachty only released a clip from their conversation, which will be released in full on Friday.

It’s unclear if Drake’s days as a rapper are numbered. He released two projects last year, Honestly, Nevermind and the 21 Savage-assisted Her Loss, and has showed no signs of slowing down. During his Apollo show last month, he teased new music for 2023.

“I’ve thought about a bunch of things in life, but at this moment in time none of those things are stopping making music for you, so I’ll be here for you for a little bit at least,” he told fans. “And I hope I can strike up more emotions for you, maybe this year. I might get bored and make another one, who knows!”

Watch the teaser below.

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