“What I’ll Do If My Daughter Wants To Become A Transgender” : Reality TV Star, BamBam Reveals


Reality TV star, Bamike Adenibuyan, also known as BamBam, has revealed how she will handle a situation in which her daughter wants to be transgender.

The mother of two beautiful girls stated this in a recent episode of Rants, Bants and Confessions podcast, in response to the host, Caramel Plug, who asked how she would react if her daughter came to her at the age of five and declared her intention to be transgender.

Bambam stated that she would reorient and educate her daughter about the biological makeup of a boy and a girl, and make her understand that she was born as a girl.

According to her, she would show her daughter the private parts of a man and a woman and compare them to her own body to substantiate her point.

The 32-year-old star added that she would also go on her knees and pray to God to change her daughter’s mind.

She continued,

“If something within you feels like you are masculine, we will talk to Jesus about it and fix it.
I believe God created man and woman for a reason.”

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