Get Familiar With Rapper, Singer And Music Producer; King Paluta


Rapper and singer, King Paluta, born Thomas Adjei Wireko and raised in Atonsu Bokuro, a

suburb of Kumasi is a proud product of single parenting with a strong backbone of a motivated


With too many ups and downs in his career, there is no sign this young man is giving up on his

dreams till its accomplished.

The year 2004 witnessed his first shot at music with a prepping demo and continually building

his game with street battles. With a winning mindset, he knocked down every opposition for the

ultimate and gaining their fans as a bonus.

The dream for the multi-talented musician has subsequently been on course for the excellence

being shared across the world today.

With a dream and an inherent desire to make his talent appreciated worldwide, he took off in

2004 as an independent artiste and it hasn't been a smooth sail.

He studied production concurrently and is notable for the production of majority of his works.

In 2017 he witnessed the most anticipated giant step into his career after signing on to Guru's

NKZ Music but the memory was short lived. King Paluta has used several interview platforms to

drum home a call on investors to support his music journey, despite the many interests shown it

has only been lip service. Motivated by his strong mental fortitude and enviable talent, life goes

on regardless has been his hallmark. He has since been back to his feet as an independent artiste

and currently breaking barriers as a young achiever.

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King Paluta's shot to limelight, arguably within the Kumasi enclave began on the back of

“Marriage Counseling” and moved on a fast lane to register his name in various Ghanaian

campuses and households with “Xmas Fiesta”. It has been a path of relentlessness as he keeps

getting better with time like fine wine. His ability to create something out of nothing as exhibited

in KingSize Volume I, II, III Tapes expanded his reach and propelled him to many platforms,

and has since been a talent to look out for with many celebrating his witty, humor-filled and

gritty lyricism. Singles including Boobie, Ayamamatanga, My Lord, and Prayer was the

favourite of many until the Kumerica reign saw a new dispensation with the release of the

breakthrough WAAWAANE, YAHITTE, CHAPLIN &, ALLEGATION, keeping his name on the

lips of Ghanaian pundits and music lovers across the world.


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