Lady Exposes GH Man Who’s Set To Marry But Wants To Date Her


Apparently, while Philip and his fiancee, Esther, were still making preparations for their wedding he was secretly trying to woo another lady during the same period.

In one of their chats dated 12th December 2022, Philip confessed that he doesn’t love his fiancee, Esther, and it’s Natalie he truly loves hence she should give him the chance to show her raw undiluted love.

He proceeded to beg Natalie to get pregnant for him and if she does that, he’ll put her on a monthly allowance and also rent an apartment for her and their baby.

Natalie vehemently declined this juicy offer from Philip and insisted he concentrates on his wife because she can’t commit such a horrific sin.

Fast forward, Philp who lost the fight in trying to win Natalie’s heart has sent his wedding invitation card to Natalie and this is what has brought about all this whole brouhaha.

Natalie whose bent on letting Philip’s fiancee know about his womanizing trait has shared screenshots of their Whatsapp chats online for the whole world to know he’s only toying with his soon-to-be wife for yet-to-be-discovered reasons.

Read the screenshots below:

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