Moment Mary Appears In A Church In Kenya | WATCH


There is an ongoing discussion online after claims that congregants at St Clare parish in Kasarani sighted Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus during a church service.

Reports have it that Virgin Mary visited the congregation in Kasarani. The appearance is called Apparition in the Catholic Church.

A Marian apparition is a supernatural appearance of Mary to a person (or group of people) on earth.

Since the early centuries of the Church, there have been thousands of reported Marian apparitions.

In some apparitions, just an image is reported, often with no verbal interaction, and no conversation.

A video of such a moment was captured in Kasarani and has gone viral.

In the clip, one can see a bright light at the top and bottom that the congregants believe is the sighting.

At the moment, social media users are divided on the genuineness of the image which many people claim it’s the Holy Mary.

In the viral clip congregants in Kasarani, are heard praising and praying while others look shocked.

Watch the video below:

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