Moment Packs Of Condoms Fall From Pastor’s Pocket | WATCH


A Nigerian pastor is trending on social media after packs of sheaths fell from his pocket while waiting in queue to withdraw money from the teller (ATM)

In the hilarious video which is currently making rounds, the people who were present couldn’t hold back their waves of laughter.

As seen in the video, the who claimed to be a ‘man of God’ pleaded with the other people who were coming to withdraw cash from the ATM to allow him to use the machine first but they all declined.

After waiting for some time, the ‘man of God’ decided to bring out his handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his sweaty face, only for loads of the ‘rubber’ to fall out.

Out of disgrace, he bent down to pick them one after the other despite the heckling from the eyewitnesses.

After picking them up, he swiftly walked away leaving the people in astonishment over the scenario.

Watch the video below.

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