Nigeria: Club ‘Bouncer’ Saves Lives As He Overpowers Man Who Entered Bar With AK47


Harrison is a club bouncer at the Swift Bar in Enugu, Nigeria, whose bravery has saved many lives.

A young, irate man had entered the bar with an assault rifle to shoot and kill as many people as he could.

According to reports, a misunderstanding ensued between the factions, which drove the man to get his AK-47, enter the bar, and open fire on almost everyone.

No sooner had he entered the bar than everybody started running for safety. Intimidatingly, the man with the gun started moving about with the weapon.

The brave club bouncer jumped on him and threw him to the floor when he finally decided to shoot a crowd of people. They started struggling.

In the process, the man with the gun fired some shots as the bouncer tried so hard to overpower him. They later got back to their feet, but the bouncer had a firm grip on the gun.

Other workers in the bar came to the rescue, helping to overpower the man, take away his gun, and lock him up.

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