Woman Who Predicted Killing Of AKA Makes Shocking Prediction About Tems


In May 2021, Scarlet Ejiogu predicted the unfortunate demise of South African singer Kieran Forbes AKA.

In a tweet, she advised the rapper to stay away from mafia friends since his death would be the result of meddling with the wrong people.

On Saturday, February 11, 2023, when AKA was shot, credence was given to the prediction Ejiogu made when she stated the mode of killing.

“God says: South Africa’s Rap artist, AKA should beware of a gunshot that will take his life. He should avoid mafia friendships and gatherings or else he will become a target #SouthAfrica”

Following that, Scarlet made a new prediction about the life of Nigerian singer Tems.

She believes a burgeoning relationship between US rapper Future and Tems will develop into something more serious.

In a tweet, Scarlet did not only foretell that Tems and Future will become married couples but also added that the latter will be tamed by the former.

“God says: Music Artists, Future and Tems will eventually get married. Tems will use her African maternal hand to tame Future into marital submission @future @tems”

Already there have been signs of some sort of camaraderie between Tems and Future. Tems had even texted him about how their collabo got her to the Grammys, and so on.  

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