A Man Like David Beckham Is My Spec : Gloria Sarfo


Gloria Sarfo has opened up about her soft spot for men who possess qualities similar to those of retired English football legend David Beckham.

During an interview, the veteran Ghanaian actress intimated that she’s been unimpressed with the men who have come her way throughout her adult life due to their flaws.

The screen star, who is still single because of her picky nature, surprisingly expressed her admiration for Beckham and his various attributes, seemingly alluding he’s the perfect man for her.

Sarfo noted that she prefers men who take care of their appearance and dress well, just like Beckham, citing his good looks, charming smile, and nice legs.

According to Sarfo, Beckham is an example of the kind of man she finds appealing.

“I like men who are good at dressing and taking care of themselves. David Beckham dresses well, he looks good, and he smiles a lot.

“He is handsome, and he has nice legs. I don’t know what I will take away from him,” Sarfo stated during the interview.

It’s the first time Sarfo has openly talked about her taste in men, and her statement has created quite a buzz among social media users.

It’s now clear why she’s still single and may never find a man to marry her. She might need a lump of clay to mold that perfect man she’s dreaming to have. 

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