Nigeria: Woman Nabs Maid Trying To Poison Her Children With Her Urine & Menstrual Blood | Watch

Footage of a woman confronting her maid on camera after she caught her with a bucket containing urine and menstrual blood that she allegedly planned to put in her children’s water bottle has caused a stir on social media.

In the viral clip, the madam is heard narrating how she brought the girl into her house in December 2022, shopped for new underwear for her, and bought her sanitary towels for her cycles.

She said that she personally helps the girl to burn her sanitary pads after her menstrual cycle to ensure they are properly discarded. Additionally, she disclosed that she handles most of the chores in the house to avoid overworking the girl.

According to the woman, the maid doesn’t practice good personal hygiene as she rarely bathes and brushes her teeth.

Due to that, she said she had to remove the girl from her children’s room because she always stained their beddings with blood which left a staunch in the room.

She said, in spite of everything she does for the girl, she attempted to pay her back by trying to ‘poison’ her children.

According to her, she woke up around 1am on Tuesday night, March 14, and found the girl mixing her urine and blood in a bucket, and when she queried the maid, she confessed that she planned to put the mixture in the children’s water bottle.

The viral video and the narrative attached have left many people jaw-dropped. 

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