Idris Elba Addresses James Bond Gig Rumours

Idris Elba has further addressed speculation about potentially playing James Bond, with him saying that such rumours are one of the "biggest compliments" for an actor.

The actor, 50, has been put forward by fans as a possible replacement for Daniel Craig, 53, following the latter's departure from the iconic film franchise in 2021.

Daniel played the secret agent - who was created by late author Ian Fleming - in five films over a 15 year period but he won't be returning as the character in the future.

Franchise producer Barbara Broccoli, 61 - who co-owns Eon Productions - suggested last year that Idris' name had come up in conversations about Daniel's replacement.

Idris has previously addressed speculation and has now further stated that he's keen to continue playing DCI John Luther instead, whilst promoting film Luther: The Fallen Sun.

Idris addressed the possibility of playing James Bond during an interview on Heart Breakfast this morning, with him appearing alongside co-star Andy Serkis, 58.

Radio host Amanda Holden, 52, asked during the chat: "How are you feeling about the sorts of rumours out there about James Bond and your name being attached to it?"

In response, Idris said: "It is one of the biggest compliments I can ever get as an actor. You know, the role of Bond is such a coveted role and to be considered for it is amazing."

Idris continued: "But honestly, I always secretly felt that Luther is my answer to that. It's not as espionage it's not you know, suave, it's you know, a relatable guy that's going to catch bad guys that's all I'm you know, wanting to do really".

The actor further mentioned the 007 franchise during an interview on Magic FM earlier this week, which is set to be broadcast on Monday (March 6) next week.

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