Real Reason Why Soldiers Brutalised Ashaiman Residents Revealed

A man who suffered abuse at the hands of the military at their base in Burma Camp has shared his ordeal after he was released from custody.

Over 150 persons were picked up Tuesday after heavily armed personnel from the Ghana Armed Force stormed Taifa, a suburb of Ashaiman, at dawn and subjected residents to various forms of brutality.

The operation, according to the Military High Command, was one geared toward apprehending persons who killed a 21-year-old soldier, Sheriff Imoro.

On Thursday, information picked up indicated that some of the over 150 persons screened by the military and later released were subjected to further beatings while in custody.

One of the victims told the media that the soldiers explained that the rationale for the beating was that they failed to officer assistance to the dying soldier when he cried for help.

“The reason they gave was that when the military man was crying for help, we the community members were even not ready to assist. They are the ones defending us so why can’t we also defend their neighbour?”

According to him, when they were arrested, they were initially taken to Michel Camp after which they were transported to Burma Camp on the Commander’s orders for investigation.

He went on to say that they did not have it easy when they arrived at Burma Camp.

“At Burma Camp, it wasn’t an easy task. We went through a lot,” a victim said.

“We were not beaten at Michel Camp, we were just there waiting but after that, we were taken to Burma Camp at 4:00pm. When we got to Burma Camp that was when some soldiers were around and they were beating us.”

He stated that while the beating was going on, the soldiers informed them that they were being trained to be soldiers.

“We were beaten all over our bodies from head to toe. They used rods, wires, sticks, brooms, anything they can see was used,” he recounted.

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