Ukraine Release Stamps Featuring Vladimir Putin Being Flipped By Young Boy In Judo Match | Photos


The Ukrainian government have released stamps featuring Russian president Vladimir Putin being flipped by young boy in a judo match to mark a year since Russia invaded the country.


Putin is a huge judo fan has a black belt in the sport. He has previously attended major events including the World Championships and the 2012 London Olympic Games. However, following Russia's invasion of Ukraine he was suspended by the International Judo Federation.

The Ukranian stamps are based on a mural painted by Banksy, which appeared in the Kyiv region of Borodianka in October. They carry the additional message "FCK PTN" .

"We believe that the Ukrainian postage stamp 'FCK PTN!' will also become prophetic," Igor Smelyansky, head of Ukraine's postal service told "Inside the Games"

"And in 2023, Ukraine, which is smaller in terms of territory but hundreds of times more motivated, will finally 'pin Russia to the mat.'"


British street artist 'Banksy' has been a big supporter of the Ukraine war effort and sold 50 limited-edition prints with all the proceeds going towards the country.


Banksy's artwork has appeared in several of the worst hit cities in Ukraine and he released a video of seven new murals on ruined buildings.


Borodianka resident Yula Patoku and her daughter Zlata, aged six, spoke to the the artist while he painted the image of a small child throwing Putin during the judo fight.

“I chatted with Banksy, not knowing who he was, as he created this artwork and when he spoke to my daughter she told him she liked it," Yula told the Daily Mirror. “She told Banksy she thought it was like a child saving his father from being attacked by a monster – a bit like Ukraine rescuing the world from something evil, like Russia.


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