Don Jazzy Denies Claims Of Buying Fake Streams For His Signees


One of Nigeria’s most popular producers who doubles as a music executive, Michael Collins Ajereh, who is well known as Don Jazzy, has denied claims that he buys ‘fake streams’ to boost songs of his signees on digital streaming platforms using “streaming farm”.

This comes after Don Jazzy as well as other record label owners were recently called out on social media by some fans for using streaming farms to manipulate stream numbers in favor of their artistes.

However in a recent interview, Don stated that there was no such thing as “streaming farm”. According to him, “All these side talks of there is a form of streaming farm somewhere, makes you become lazy. Go and create beautiful music and do all you need to do to market your songs.

The music executive explained saying, “Don’t sit down there and be assuming ‘this person is getting here because there’s a streaming farm somewhere’. Trust me, it’s just going to be affecting you. You will be thinking that it’s unattainable. You cannot get it. Ogbeni, you are doing yourself a disservice.”

Don Jazzy further denied any knowledge of a streaming farm, while adding that he could have used the service to promote other artists on his label that are not succeeding.

“There’s no streaming farm or I don’t know whether people have it. But take it from people like us that are succeeding, that are at the forefront. I’m telling you that there’s no goddamn streaming farm. It doesn’t make any sense. If there’s a streaming farm, why am I not buying it for my artists that are not winning?” he questioned.

The producer further advised up-coming artistes not to be deceived by the speculations of an existing streaming farm that can boost stream numbers.

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