'I'm Never Braless In Pictures; My Nipples Are Always Affected By The Cold’ : Britain's Got Talent Star Amanda Holden


Britain’s Got Talent star, Amanda Holden, has given the best response to claims she doesn’t wear a bra.


Holden, 52, is preparing to return to the show as a judge for next season but has now finally come out to reply critics who claim she doesn't wear a bra.

In a chat with OK! Magazine, Amanda spoke about how she is referred to in the press, sometimes described in articles as ‘flaunting’ her legs or ‘parading’ down the street.

‘I’m not flaunting, I’m walking!’ she said.

As for the description of her being ‘braless’ in paparazzi photos  of her walking on the street, she insisted: ‘I’m not braless.’

‘The fact is, I’m wearing Skims [bras], but my nipples are always affected by the cold. There’s nothing I can do about it.’

’20 mattresses down and you still see my nipples. They show through anything.’

Amanda joked that her pointy nipples acted as a compass and that at least she would ‘never get lost.’

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