My Boyfriend Had S3x With Me 27 Times In One Day : Monalisa Stephen

Nollywood actress Monalisa Stephen has made the headlines again after revealing that her boyfriend once had sexual intercourse with her 27 times in one day.

In an interview with Love or Lies, the actress opened up on intimate details about her sex life, including the incident with her boyfriend.

According to her, it was tiring but she enjoyed every bit of it.

“He fucked me 27 times; we were just together and it happened. One particular day I went to see him, and he fucked me 27 times,” she said.

Shocked by her response, the interviewer probed further: “One per day or what? Was it marathon or halleluyah challenge?”

”It wasn’t marathon. We were just like together the entire day and it happened,” the plus-sized model began.

“One particular day I went to see him and he f*cked me 27 times. We had s3x around the house, 27 times, everywhere; though he didn’t cum all the time.

“In between he stopped, we watched movies continued the entire 24 hours, I counted it and it was 27 times,” she added.

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