Revealed: How Gym Instructors Lure And Sleep With Married Women

The gym has become a convenient place for many instructors to prey on vulnerable women and use them for their sexual pleasure, all in the name of exercising.

With the gym craze, it is widely discussed that many of these gym instructors do not just lure these women but sometimes end up sleeping with them.

Many have alluded to the fact that sometimes the positions these instructors put these women in when they are helping them exercise do raise eyebrows.

There are instances where these instructors either lie on these women, caress their private parts, or stroke their backs and bums.

A lady has shared her personal observation about how these instructors do serve as a convenient avenue for married men to cheat.

According to her, after these women fall in love with these instructors, they end up in their beds and get blackmailed about revealing the truth.

“Not just gym instructors, male hair stylists and nail technicians are guilty too. They target rich and vulnerable married women then prey on them. Overtime these women fall helplessly till they sleep with them then start blackmailing them. These dudes play ghetto.”

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