“The Easiest Hustle To Become Rich As A Girl Is Prostitution” : Ashawo Lady Claims

Nigerian socialite Priscilla Saidu, popularly known as Toronto Duchess, has asserted that the go-to profession for young women struggling must be prostitution.

According to the proud sex worker, she makes as much as $5,000 a night serving male clients. She describes her work as the easiest hustle to become rich.

Speaking in a podcast on Hawt Mic, she disclosed that anytime her hookup business is slow, she fasts and prays to God.

According to her, she always prays to God about everything relating to her life, including her prostitution business.

Toronto Duchess explained that after her prayers, she gets unexpected phone calls to meet with clients which fetches her a lot of money.

She said; “I pray, I fast, at times when i want to go and hustle, sometimes when I’m not seeing work, I will just pray to God that, God you know I need to pay this bill, you know I’m your daughter, this is not what you planned for me to do, but this is a hustle, you created me, I do not have any choice. I’m someone that have grace, I’m a favoured person. Before the day ends They just call me.”

“I always do charity online as tithe, I will never give my tithe to church.”

When asked if God answers her prayers, she laughed and said “just pray to God in everything.”

According to Toronto Duchess, the easiest side hustle for a lady is prostitution, adding that she is into the business because she wants to build an empire. 

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