Jeffrey Epstein's 'Victim' Johanna Sjoberg Denies Massaging Former US President Donald Trump In Bombshell Newly-Released Court Documents

Former US President Donald Trump has avoided the revelation of the explosive Jeffrey Epstein court docs untouched.

In recently disclosed depositions, one of Jeffrey Epstein's alleged victims, who claimed Prince Andrew touched her breast with a puppet, stated that she never massaged the former president.

He was also never spotted at any of Epstein's residences, where the financier is accused of trafficking underage females for sex.

Johanna Sjoberg, 42, famously informed a British publication about an alleged meeting with the Duke at the East 71st Street residence during 'Easter 2001' at the request of Epstein and madam Ghislaine Maxwell.

Sjoberg, now a hairdresser in Florida, previously stated that Maxwell recruited her to conduct massages for Epstein while she was in college in 2001.

In depositions filed Wednesday, she was asked if she had massaged several celebrities who attended a party hosted by Epstein, including Star Wars creator George Lucas and former President Trump.

She said 'no' when asked if Trump had ever solicited her for sexual favors or if she had ever massaged him.

Sjoberg mentioned in the 179-page deposition that Epstein once boasted about his capacity to call the former president.

She mentioned that a pilot once told her that they would have to land in Atlantic City rather than New York.

''Great, we'll call Trump and go to -- I don't remember the name of the casino, but -- we'll go to the casino,' Jeffrey added.

Trump has long denied any significant ties with Epstein, and in 2007 banished him from his Mar-a-Lago country club for hitting on another member's daughter.

Sjoberg was also questioned about having sex with lawyer Alan Dershowitz in a limousine while Epstein and Virginia Roberts were there.

'Absolutely not,' she replied, adding that she recognized Dershowitz and 'would remember that.'

Almost 200 names previously deleted from a long-settled sex trafficking case against Jeffrey Epstein's associate Ghislaine Maxwell have been made public.

Furthermore, Sjoberg's fresh evidence is set to be submitted in a US court this week.

The legal docs could offer more information about her purported meeting with the monarch.

Sjoberg earlier claimed that the King's brother touched her breast in 2001 in the Manhattan house of multi-millionaire pedophile Epstein.

She claimed that this occurred during an incident in which a rubber Spitting Image puppet of the Duke of York - a gift from Epstein's then-lover Ghislaine Maxwell - was used to touch Virginia Roberts' breast.

Roberts, who now goes by the married name Giuffre, alleged that she and Andrew slept together at Epstein's residence following that.

Sjoberg stated in 2007 that when she returned to the flat after some "sightseeing," "Prince Andrew and a couple of other girls my age were there." Andrew was quite engaging... She (Ghislaine) came down with a rubber puppet of him from Spitting Image for him.'

'We had a picture taken,' she added. Another girl, Virginia, sat on a chair with the puppet on her lap. Andrew sat on a different chair.

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