13-Year-Old Singer, La Angel Gives Hope To The Hopeless In Newly Released Single 'Found You'

LA Angel, remarkable 13-year-old Ghanaian gospel sensation, proudly debuts her single "Found You."

Her musical journey began when she was two years old, with the encouragement of her parents, who recognized her exceptional talent. Today, with steadfast dedication, LA Angel shares a soul-stirring melody based on Matthew 6:33, expressing the joy of living a God-centered life. Encouraged by family, LA Angel aims to redefine gospel music by making it more accessible and dispelling myths.

Her first single, "Found You," exceeds expectations by providing a soothing experience through harmonious melodies and meaningful themes. With "Found You," LA Angel serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging young hearts to live a God-centered life, embody obedience, and experience the transformative power of the gospel.

This heartfelt message is interwoven throughout each note, encouraging the youth to embark on a journey of faith, joy, and purpose.

In a candid conversation, LA Angel revealed her intention to reimagine gospel music, hoping to dispel the notion that it is inherently solemn or uninteresting.

Her goal with "Found You" was to create a composition that would appeal to people from all walks of life, providing a soothing balm through mellifluous harmonies and meaningful themes.Her own words reflect this intent: "The song has personally been a blessing to me, and I am pleased whenever I minister it. I hope it blesses everyone."

"Found You" has a definitive professional sheen thanks to the involvement of world-renowned producer Nektunes, whose polished craftsmanship has impeccably complemented this heartfelt debut. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Bishop Frank Ofosu Appiah and All Nations Church in Loganville for their ongoing support and opportunities to share Angel's voice in church settings.

Special thanks to Mr. Charles Deh, Angel's dedicated musical coach, for his unwavering commitment to providing valuable guidance and criticism at every rehearsal and production meeting, as well as playing the keys for Found You.

Watch the video below.

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