I Prefer Men Who Like Playing Video Games Over Those Who Love Going To Club : Grammy Winner Tyla

Tyla, Grammy-winning South African singer, has opened up about her dating status, confirming that she is currently single.

Tyla highlighted in an exclusive interview with Power 96.5 FM in Miami that her success was not inspired by heartbreak, but rather a deliberate decision based on her steadfast commitment to her thriving music career.

The 'Water' singer, who discussed her relationship preferences, emphasized her dedication to personal and professional growth.

When the host asked Tyla about her ideal companion - one who enjoys video games or frequents the nightlife - she quickly expressed her opinion.

She said, "I spend my days playing video games. A club guy? No! What the hell? I'd rather have a lover who plays video games than one who goes to the club every weekend. At the very least, I know the guy who enjoys video games will always be at home with me. "I also enjoy being at home.

Tyla responded to her present single status, saying, "Yes, I am single. I'm not playing with any of it right now. I'm focusing on the prize."

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