We Don’t Support Him, He’s Stubborn : Family Of Bongo Ideas Speaks; Reveals His Current Condition

Just three days ago, controversial Ghanaian blogger and political critic, Bongo Ideas was abducted at his home at dawn by some heavily endowed men who claimed to be police men.

According to earlier accounts, the macho men refused the family of the voiceferous blogger access into their car and drove away like armed robbers been persuaded by securty forces.

The family hurriedly dropped a disterssing post on social media and begged the general public help them idendyty the whereabouts of Bongo Ideas.

Their first call to action was to search all the police stations in Accra for their royal but he wasn’t found in any of the police cells.

Later, the Ghana Police Service and National Security released official statements to emphatically state that they have not arrested or invited Albert Nat Hyde aka Bongo Ideas.

The two security agencies said heir attention has been drawn to social media reports that Mr Albert Nat Hyde has been arrested by its officer which is not true.

Later, the family of Bongo Ideas confimred to a set of news portals that he has returned home after the rambo style abduction.

Speaking in an interview with Angel FM, Bongo Ideas’ sister, Nana Yaa, clarified that they dot support his controverisl posts on social media.

According to the sister, they have advised him over and over again t desist from sharing contentious opinions on social media but he has refuse to heed to any of them.

Nana Yaa also revealed that Bongo Ideas would be going to for medical check up because he was brutally tortured by the men who abducted him.

Bongo Ideas abducted by unknown men

News of Bongo Ideas perceived arrest went rife on social media last Thursday.

His arrest followed after he shared a post on Twitter shitting on the marriage of Ghana’s first couple.

As claimed by Bongo Ideas, the first lady, Rebecca Akufo Addo doesn’t love Nana Addo.

In his writeup, he also made sneering remarks about how Nana and Rebecca doesnt have a child together despite been married for over 30 years. 

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