Accra: Popular Pastor Caught Bonking His Church Secretary In His Office While Service Was Ongoing | WATCH

Gospel musician Eric Oduro, known for his participation in the Mentor competition, recently shared a shocking experience involving a senior pastor engaged in an illicit affair with a colleague’s wife.

During an interview on Adom TV’s Okukuseku with Emelia Brobbey, Erico recounted the incident that took place at a church in Nungua, where he had been scheduled to perform.

He explained that his role was to lead a spirit-filled session before the senior pastor delivered his sermon to the congregation.

After completing his part and leaving the church, Erico realized he had forgotten his glasses in the pastor’s office, prompting him to return to retrieve them. What he witnessed upon re-entering the pastor’s office left him deeply disturbed.

Erico described seeing the senior pastor engaged in a compromising position with the junior pastor’s wife, who also served as the church’s secretary.

Shocked by the scene, he quietly retrieved his glasses but was urged by the pastor not to cause a scene, citing the ongoing church service.

In an attempt to maintain peace, Erico accepted a significant bribe from the pastor in exchange for his silence.

Despite the disturbing nature of the incident, he has chosen not to publicly expose the pastor’s identity.

Reflecting on the event, Erico emphasized the importance of individuals focusing on their relationship with God rather than solely relying on religious leaders.

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