Former 2nd Lady Matilda Amissah-Arthur Robbed; Culprit Remanded : DETAILS

Yahuza Osumanu, once a self-proclaimed businessman, is now facing serious charges at the Accra High Court as an alleged serial robber.

The prosecution, led by Chief State Attorney Frances M. Ansah, accuses Osumanu of orchestrating a series of high-profile robberies, particularly targeting elites and affluent communities.

The allegations against Osumanu include a violent robbery involving Matilda Yaaba Amissah Arthur, the wife of the late former Vice President, Paa Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur.

The prosecution claims that Osumanu employed similar methods in multiple robberies, targeting prominent personalities and businessmen.

One notable incident involved the robbery of Mrs Amissah Arthur, during which Osumanu allegedly used violence, including strangling her hitting her head with a firearm, and escaping with a substantial amount of money.

Moreover, Osumanu is accused of stealing valuable items worth millions of Ghana cedis, including luxury watches, jewellery, and electronic devices, from various victims.

The prosecution presented a list of these stolen items, including expensive watches like Rolex and Cartier, along with high-end smartphones.

According to CSA Ansah, Osumanu allegedly used the proceeds from these crimes to fund an extravagant lifestyle, acquiring luxury cars and apartments for himself.

The charges against Osumanu encompass 26 counts of robbery and money laundering. Despite pleading not guilty, Osumanu has been remanded in prison custody pending further legal proceedings, scheduled for May 2.

The prosecution’s case relies on a series of incidents reported to the Police Criminal Investigation Department throughout 2023, detailing residential robberies attributed to a single armed perpetrator.

CCTV footage, provided by witnesses like Dr. Abu Sakara Foster, played a crucial role in identifying Osumanu as the alleged robber.

The police investigation revealed a pattern of robberies in affluent areas such as airports and upscale neighbourhoods.

The arrest of Osumanu in Kasoa on December 15, 2023, marked a significant breakthrough in the pursuit of justice for the victims of these audacious crimes.

Yahuza Osumanu faced charges at the Accra High Court on April 16 for his purported involvement in a string of high-profile robberies targeting elites and affluent communities.

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