Beautiful Lady Who Was Taken By Dwarfs For 6 Months Returns And Shares An Intriguing Story | WATCH

Two days ago, mystery unfolded in Kwahu-Tafo in the Eastern Region when a young lady who had been missing for the past 6 months was found standing and in a trance-like state on the outskirts of the town.

Residents said she had been there since 2 am and believed she was taken away into the bush by dwarf spirits.

Sharing her experience, the young lady claims she unknowingly fell asleep on the farm.

When she awoke, she saw herself in the land of the dwarfs. Her first two months with the dwarfs were terrible because she cried daily.

After two months, she adapted to her new world and started living in harmony with her dwarf friends.

She recounted how she was given nice treatment and how described how beautiful the dwarf world was.

Watch the video below.

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