Nigerians Are Using Ghanaian Ladies For Blood Money Anyhow : Lady Reveals


A Ghanaian lady has advised Ghanaian ladies to start doing things independently and stop seeking cheap money from people, especially men.

In a self-recorded video, the lady disclosed that a lot of ladies are getting killed and being used for blood money by Nigerians and that is a sad way to die.

According to the lady, it would be better for the family of these ladies to use them for blood money instead of allowing these Nigerians to waste their lives to enrich themselves without giving their families a dime.

In the video, the unidentified lady stated that she was telling the truth and wouldn’t use the word ‘alleged’ because she knew for a fact what she was saying.

She disclosed that her friend went through this ordeal and God being so good she escaped from these people and shared her story which she wouldn’t want to put out because her friend is against it.

The lady continued that it was high time ladies started struggling on their own even if it was water they needed to sell on the street to make a living rather than chasing these Nigerians who would kill them for wealth.

She urged ladies to stop saying times are hard in the country because that is the excuse they are using and making it easy for these Nigerians to take advantage of them.

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