Drama As Mcbrown ‘Clashes’ With Serwaa Prikles, Lady Allegedly Trying To Snatch Her Hubby ‘On The Highway’

Recall that the reports of an IG big lady and socialite simply known on social media as Serwaa Prikles went viral last year for allegedly trying to snatch Mr Maxwell from Mcbrown.

The rumours that erupted for the deepest source of hell alleged that Mr Maxwell has even moved out from his matrimonial home to stay with Serwaa Prikles.

During the peak of the rumours, Mcbrown firmly dismissed the reports that anarchy was looming at her home.

Despite the clarification from Mcbrown, some netizens still hold the notion that Mr Maxwell and Serwaa are secretly dating.

Co-incidentally, just after Mcbrown wished one of her goddaughters a ‘happy birthday’ on IG, Serwaa Prikles also immediately dropped her comment under Mcbrown’s.

Social media users who have come across the post have read different meanings into it.

Some have suggested that Serwaa is keenly monitoring Mcbrown reason she dropped her comments seconds after Mcbrown shared her’s.

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