Mexican News Station Accidentally Shows Testicles Instead Of Solar Eclipse | WATCH


A Mexican news station, RCG Media, is trending online for showing testicles instead of the solar eclipse witnessed yesterday, April 8. 


News anchors for RCG Media were commenting just as the eclipse entered totality, but things really got interesting when they cut to a different angle of a bright light, presumably the sun.


Seconds later, the testes dipped into frame, blocking the light and giving their audience a brief, but very up-close look at someone's family jewels. There was visible shock on the faces of the anchors on set.


Though RCG Media is likely not laughing over the on-air hiccup, the internet has gotten a kick out of the now viral mooning, joking the flashing did more damage to their eyesight than the eclipse.


On how the testicles ended up on the broadcast; RCG Media reportedly asked viewers to send in personal eclipse footage which, in hindsight, was a very risky idea. 


It's been alleged that the balls in question are those of Tommy Lee. The Motley Crue drummer reportedly posted and deleted an eerily similar eclipse re-creation with his testicles which might have, somehow, leaked into the RCG control room.


Thankfully, the viral flashing didn't eclipse the big day, with millions stepping outside to experience the rare occurrence. 


Here's the video below.

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