New Angle Shows Gay Singer Ricky Martin Had An Erection At Madonna's Show | WATCH


A new video obtained by TMZ has proved that gay singer Ricky Martin had an erection at Madonna's show this past weekend. 


The video which captured the erotic moment from Sunday's concert in Miami showed Ricky on stage with Madonna. He was getting a lot of close contact with her dancers during the "Vogue" segment of her show, where she and a guest judge them.


From a much closer vantage point and at a slightly different angle, Ricky appeared to get aroused during the sexy rub-up. The one dancer who is closest to Ricky seems to actually bump his face and head up against Ricky's crotch and his body does a little reacting to that. There was a bit of throbbing and jostling underneath his pants. 

Ricky himself posted the video that showed him onstage and at first, it was unclear if he was feeling randy, or if there was just something funky going on with his pants.

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