Beauty Queen's Cryptic Final Bikini Post Before Being Gunned Down In Broad Daylight (Graphic PHOTO/Video)

A beauty queen shared a cryptic post just days before being gunned down in a fatal gang shooting.


 Former Miss Ecuador contestant Landy Párraga Goyburo, 23, was seen chatting with a man at a restaurant in Quevedo, Ecuador, as masked assailants made their way into the building. 


Both Párraga and a man believed to be her boyfriend, Jose Luis Betancourt, were shot as the second gunman stood by the door.

Both attackers then fled the scene where Párraga lay dying in a pool of blood.

 The Ecuadorian beauty queen had been in Quevedo for a wedding on Saturday, April 27.


Chilling footage of the shooting was posted to social media which showed the would-be assassin walk through the door of the restaurant and fire at Párraga who fell to the ground. Further shots were fired as she hit the ground while the second gunman stood by the door was also seen attempting to shoot the beauty queen. Plastic surgeon Betancourt was unharmed in the shooting and taken in for questioning.

Párraga's death drew attention to her Instagram account and her last post was about life.


The beauty queen shared photos of herself in an orange bikini and wrote in the caption: "Life is an echo, what you send out comes back to you."

Dozens of fans left comments on the post airing their grief over the shooting. 


Párraga is believed to have had an affair with a married drug trafficker before her death. Her name had been mentioned in a chat between cartel accountant Helive Angulo and drug trafficker Leandro Norero, who was killed in October 2022, New York Post reported.


 Prosecutors of Angulo found that he had been asked to keep a relationship between Norero and beauty queen Párraga quiet. 


The former drug trafficker had written: "If my wife comes across anything about her, I’m screwed. My friend, her name cannot come out anywhere. Otherwise, my world will come crashing down."


Angulo was killed just six months after a court found the link between the cartel member and Ecuadorian beauty queen. 


It is not known if the beauty queen's murder had anything to do with the affair.


Authorities have confirmed an investigation into Párraga's murder is currently underway.


Watch a video of the shooting below.

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