'Truth' About Justin Bieber's Breakdown On Social Media Revealed

The ‘truth’ about Justin Bieber's breakdown on social media has been revealed. 


Concerns over the singer's well-being were raised after he shared crying selfies on his official Instagram page with no explanation, prompting many to suspect it was either linked to his rumoured marital crisis with his wife Hailey Bieber, 27.

The real reason behind the emotional snaps should not be cause for alarm, insiders have claimed. 

The insider said the Sorry singer was simply overcome with emotion and his love for Jesus Christ after praying.


'Justin wears his emotions on his sleeve and it is no secret that he is very religious,' they told DailyMail.com exclusively.

'The pictures he put up of him crying may have prompted fans to question his wellbeing, and whether his marriage is on the rocks – but it was about his love of Jesus.


'It is deep, but he prays and often sheds tears after diving into his faith and though he prays and gives thanks for all that he has in his life, he gets carried away and the emotions that come from it all are released through tears.'  

They continued: 'He is not ashamed or embarrassed as he wants people to see his emotions. It helps him out for all that he goes through. 


'He feels that people should be vulnerable, and he is being vulnerable, and he believes it shows some maturity that he once didn't have. In a word, he thinks it is beautiful.'


Both Justin and Hailey, who celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in September are devout Christians and previously credited their faith with helping them to get through their 'tough' first year of marriage.

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