Murdered Beauty Queen May Have Led Her Killers To Her Location After Posting A Photo Of Her Restaurant Meal Online


The Ecuadorian beauty queen shot dead in a restaurant was likely tracked down by a food photo she shared of her ordering a distinctive plate of octopus ceviche. 


Former Miss Ecuador contestant Landy Párraga Goyburo, 23, was caught in a now-viral surveillance footage getting shot to death by two masked men who walked up to her in a restaurant in Quevedo on Sunday, April 28.

It has since emerged that just before her death, Párraga shared a photo to her 173,000 followers on Instagram, likely tipping off her killers to her whereabouts, according to the Telegraph.


Her food photo showed the distinctive-looking seafood dish and a side of eggs with a restaurant logo on either a placemat or menu on the table.

Soon after posting the pic, Párraga was seen chatting with a man inside the restaurant when two masked men entered the building.

One of the gunmen ran towards her and fired his gun, striking both Párraga and the man she was talking to, as the second gunman stood guard by the door. 


Both attackers then fled the restaurant, leaving the beauty queen motionless on the floor and in a pool of blood.

She was reportedly shot three times and died shortly after. 


Police are investigating the shooting amid speculation the hit was ordered by the widow of drug trafficker Leandro Norero, with whom she is believed to have had an affair. 


Párraga, who has more than a million followers on her social media accounts as well as her own sportswear line, made headlines in December when she was named in a chat between the slain married drug lord and his accountant, Helive Ángulo, according to Ecuavisa.

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