Talented Songwriter and Singer 'Pencil' To Unveil His First Stunning New EP 'Metamorphosis'

Pencil ,the talented artist specializing in Reggae/ Dancehall and Hip-hop, has recently released cover art and promotional flyer for his highly anticipated EP titled 'Metamorphosis '. With a diverse musical background and captivating vocal abilities, Pencil has quickly become a standout artist globally.

Originally from St.Thomas Jamaica, based in Canada and signed to Dreammakers Entertainment Inc. Pencil has always maintained a deep connection to his roots, spending significant time in both  countries throughout the past decade. This unique blend of cultural influences is evident in his music, resulting in a refreshing and vibrant sound.

Through his latest EP, 'Metamorphosis', Pencil once again demonstrates his versatility as an artist. The EP showcases his ability to effortlessly blend different lyrics, resulting in a unique sound that is a true reflection of his multicultural background. From Reggae/Dancahall to Hip-hop flow, Each song on the EP highlights Pencil's creativity, powerful storytelling, and undeniable talent.

As Pencil continues to make waves across Canada, Europe, America, Jamaica, Africa, in fact across the world, it is clear that he is a rising star to keep an eye on.

Metamorphosis EP by Pencil will be available on the Digital Streaming Platforms on 23rd of May , 2024

A Flyer for Promotional Tour and EP Release Party is available below

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