Toyota Corolla Reveals Sleek CGI Design Across Imagination Land


The Japanese automaker is currently focusing on several models in America – the 2025 Crown and Crown Signia crossover SUV, the 2024 Tacoma (N400) mid-size pickup truck, the 2025 Camry best-seller, and the all-new 2025 Toyota 4Runner off-road SUV.
These are just some of their latest novelties that are set to arrive on the market – and folks might want to notice that Toyota keeps a nice mix of passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks in its sights, as well as its lineup. While the $41,440 Crown and $28,400 Camry are the 2025MY headliners for the passenger car sector, there are plenty of other fish to fry, as most nameplates are still offered solely as 2024MY options.

Of them, naturally, the eternal Corolla compact series is one of the most important. Production of the first generation began in 1966, and almost six decades later, we're already well into the timeline of its twelfth generation. This current iteration arrived in 2018 and grew to include loads of configurations: hatchback, sedan, station wagon, GR Corolla, plus the platform-sharing Corolla Cross, a compact crossover SUV.

With a little help from the other, Toyota announced it retained the title of the world's best-selling nameplate last year – snatching the honor from Tesla Model Y's grasp as the latter was set to become the first-ever EV to steal the crown from ICE-powered vehicles. Nobody knows if the situation will be addressed this year because of the perceived EV slowdown, but Toyota could try to prevent that by kicking off the rumor mill's beliefs that an all-new Corolla is just around the corner.

Well, it's already here if we are to trust the imaginative realm of digital car content creators – which we don't because of obvious wishful thinking reasons. Anyway, Vince Burlapp (aka vburlapp on social media or is a prolific virtual artist who loves to dream of all the latest models across the wide-ranging automotive realm, and he decided to explore the possibility of Toyota introducing the all-new thirteenth Corolla generation for the 2025 or 2026 model year.

The pixel master knows Toyota is keeping a tight grip on the Corolla secrets, and although there are no spotted prototypes or any other leaks pertaining to a next-gen Corolla rumor, he still believes that after six years on the market, the compact series deserves a proper redesign. However, he is unsure if there will be an all-new Corolla or just a 'refresh' like with the 2025 Camry, which many don't consider new – just updated here and there.

As such, there are a couple of CGI ideas stemming from this author's imagination – one is taking a few cues from the bZ4X all-electric crossover, and the other involves a sleeker and cleaner design. Both could happen, of course, or not – it all depends on Toyota's corner office head honchos. So, what do you think?

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