I Repeat Clothes All The Time : Serwaa Amihere Confesses

News anchor and TV show host, Serwaa Amihere has revealed in a trending video that she repeats clothes just like any other ordinary person.

As we all know, celebrities hardly repeat clothes with the perception that they will be trolled by cyber bullies for being broke.

According to her, she, like everyone else, repeats her clothes, and she does not even know how anyone would think she doesn’t.

In a short video, Serwaa Amihere disclosed that she repeated some of her clothes from 2018 through 2020, which she loves to wear daily.

She continued that the reason most people don’t notice she repeats clothes is that she wears them with new hairstyles and to different places hence it’s very difficult to draw the attention of the masses.

Beautiful Serwaa Amihere made this confession after she was quizzed by a fan if she repeats her clothes or not.

Watch the video below.

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