I Used My Menstrual Blood To Cook For My Boyfriend : Lady Shares Serious Confession Story

In fact, we live in a crazy world. No where cool and safe.

The one you least expected to cause you harm is actually the one to fear because they do the worst you can think of behind your back.

A Ghanaian Lady has shared a very bizarre story and it’s worth sharing for all to learn something from it.

In a sitting with Ms Nancy on the Confession aired on TV3, the anonymous lady revealed that she used her menstrual blood to cook food for her boyfriend.

She did that in a quest to make him love her alone but that took a nosedive and has backfired as her man has rather shifted his focus to date her friend.

The lady told Ms Nancy that she had been dating the boyfriend for the past 6 months, and had even taken him to her mother for an introduction.

According to her, her mother advised her to pray to God for the relationship to bear fruit but took a different dimension.

The anonymous Lady said she saw an advertisement of black magic on social media and decided to use it to charm the man into loving her alone forever.

She performed all the rituals, including using her menstrual blood to prepare her lover’s favourite food but the charm did not work.

Instead, the man has lost love for her and he is now dating her close friend whom she confided the nasty act in.

“About 6 months ago, I met this young man, and we liked each other. One thing led to another, and he proposed. I took brought him home. My mum liked him and said I should pray into this and see how it goes.

I was surfing the internet one day and chanced on a lady on TikTok. She said I have this thing I could show you, and your man will never leave you if you do this.

If you want him to marry you or whatever you want, if you do this, you have him forever.

“I wanted this man for myself. I didn’t want him to share him with anybody.

So I DM-ed the lady, and she showed me what to do. She asked me to use my menstrual blood to prepare food for my boyfriend to eat. I prepared tomato stew with his favourite ripe plantain.

Fast forward, I told my best friend that this is what I did. But after two months, I noticed my boyfriend giving my best friend attention.

After I probed, I found out that they were dating. Right now, I don’t know what’s happening because the guy does not want anything to do with me again”

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