“I Want To Dance With You, Nobody Will Fire You” : Teni Invites Shy Cameraman On Stage To Dance With Her

Teni, a popular Nigerian musician, recently invited her hesitant cameraman to dance with her on stage during a concert.

Teni drew a lot of attention during the concert when she grabbed one of the cameramen, Chixon.

Teni stated that Chixon tried to knock her down and that she resolved to repay him by dancing with him on stage.

However, before dancing with him, she asked him several times if he was single. She also made him grasp her waist while she danced.

The young man, who had never expected her to seek him out, nervously clutched her waist for the proposed dance.

Because of his timidity, Teni found it amusing and composed a song immediately on stage.

Watch the video below.

@chixonnexus #teni pulled me up on stage… Shy shy me no fit hold her waist. Cc @tenitheentertainer @TENI ♬ original sound – Nnachi Ukachi


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