It’s Good To Be A Side Chick; Your Destined Husband May Be A Married Man : Pastor

Nigerian singer cum pastor Apostle Okose Emmanuel, formerly known as Soul E, is encouraging single women to hook themselves to husbands of other women.

According to him, some single ladies are destined to marry men who already have wives hence, there’s nothing wrong with being a mistress to one.

In a video he uploaded to social media, Apostle Emmanuel said many women are still single because they don’t understand how God works, and if they are not careful, they might remain single for the rest of their lives.

He explained that if a man marries a woman that’s not his destined soulmate, the marriage will face challenges when he eventually meets the soulmate he’s destined to marry.

Apostle Emmanuel advised single women to be conscious enough to know when a married man is their destined husband and should hold on to him tight to him if they discover he’s the one for them.

“If there is anything I understand about God, is that God works in mysterious ways. A lot of women are single today because God has actually sent their husbands but he was a married man.”

Watch below.

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