Lovers Marry In Casual Clothes

In this modern age and era, almost no one will agree to wed his/her long-time lover wearing casual clothes but a Nigerian couple has defied the norm.

Quite contrary to the loudness that characterises weddings, a Nigerian couple has warmed hearts and gone viral on social media in the process with their minimalist traditional wedding.

The couple happily walked down the aisle in casual outfits and footwear as seen in a TikTok video from their wedding.

From the video, the wedding which was held in a compound was witnessed by a small number of guests and well-wishers whose attires somewhat synced with the couple’s simple marriage theme.

The couple went to kneel in front of the bride’s father and asked for his blessings on their marriage as custom demands.

Watch below.

Alot of single people social media users who have come across this video have promised to replicate the same thing to save money and use it on other important stuffs to better their lives after their wedding.

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